Stumbling blocks

stumbling blockThe “stumbling blocks” are memorial plaques made of brass that are dedicated to victims of National Socialism. Embedded in the pavement in front of the victim’s last place of residence or place of work, the stones state the name and the fate of the murdered victim. The project was initiated by the artist Gunter Demnig. He has already laid more than 20,000 stumbling blocks all over Europe, 36 of which were laid in Lüneburg.

32 of 36 stumbling blocks can be found in the city centre of Lüneburg, only a few streets apart from each other. Another three memorial plaques can be found on Wienebütteler Weg and one more in the Schützenplatz area. They all commemorate courageous members of the resistance such as the shoemaker Hermann Niemann, who distributed leaflets denouncing the NS Regime and who died in the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp after his arrest, as well as patients in psychiatry who became victim of so-called euthanasia, or couples and entire families killed under Nazi rule.

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